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Advances in technology and the use of Internet have favored the appearance of a great variety of web software applications. As a result, over the past decade the number of organizations which make use of Web applications have grown dramatically. These web applications are used by different companies with the aim of giving several services to their clients.

The Web age has modified our society, new business models have appeared whereas others have been modified. In addition, the relationships between the different actors have changed.

Different kinds of users use these web applications in order to make deals. In both settings, the quality is relevant. In the first case, it is fundamental the quality of web applications in order to give a good service and assure the loyalty of users. In the second case, the quality is also important in order to users can achieve their objectives in a proper way.

The growing demand of software with quality has made the quality a discriminator factor among software products, and therefore a key factor for software success.

With this site we want to promote some of the research results on the area of web quality that we are achieving. All of them are related to the software quality in general and on web applications quality in particular. Our idea is giving to the researchers and users of the area the opportunity of sharing the works.

At this moment, the available tools have been developed by the Alarcos research group from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).

If you want to publish your tool in our web site or if you want to made us some comments, please, contact us. For visiting our tools, please, consult the right menu.

[Encuesta sobre calidad en uso]

Contestando a este cuestionario colaborará en un proyecto de investigación que tenemos actualmente en desarrollo. En este cuestionario queremos saber su opinión sobre diferentes aspectos de la calidad de un sitio web. Por favor, contéstelo. Gracias por su colaboración.

[Web Quality in Use]

With the following questionnaire you will assist in a research project we have currently under development. In this questionnaire, we want to know your opinion about different aspects of the quality of a website. Please, answer it. Thank you very much for your collaboration.

CUCo Tool
Effectiveness estimation for Software Components


Empirical-WebGen Tool
Empirical-WebGen Tool

Empirical-WebGen (Environment for Automatic Generation and Execution of On-line Surveys and Experiments) lets you create or edit your surveys or experiments, as administrator, and allow the registered users to launch any available survey or experiment. []

KYV Tool
Know Your Visibility

The KYV (Know Your Visibility) tool, calculates the visibility of a web site, offering a report with the corrective actions, if necessary. KYV analyzes the visibility of a web page, detecting the weak points and those that can be improved. Also, KYV elaborates visibility rankings for thematic related domains. []

PoDQA Tool
Portal Data Quality Assessment

PoDQA (Portal Data Quality Assessment) Tool calculates the level of data quality of a given web portal asked by a user, offering (if is asked) a list of improvements for the data quality in the web portal. Also, PoDQA tool makes rankings of data quality with the web portal evaluated that belong to the same domain. []

Visualization of Quality Measures for Software Component based on Systems


Usability Visualization for Software Components


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